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Do people with bipolar disorder tend to have violent, aggressive behavior when drinking alcohol?

My ex-boyfriend who is bipolar, assaulted me when he was drinking and I think he was using kristal meth. I'm just trying to make since if this. He said he loved me. I don't think so. Of course he's history. He has been indigted and is facing possibility of life in prison. Please help me understand. HE SAID HE LOVED ME. I belived him.

Yes. My mother is bipolar, and she can be very aggressive anyways, and drinking increases the aggressive behavior. Not to mention the fact that bipolar people should be on regular medications, medications that do not mix well with alcohol. Make sure he is on his medications, ask him to stop drinking, suggest he makes an appointment with his psychiatrist. Perhaps you may join in on a session or two with him.My dad and brother are both bi polar. Only being on meds help usually and even then they still have moments.
Yes they can get violent. My sister is bipolar and she also ended up into meth and alcohol. She is now on the road to recovery, but only with the help of consoulers and medicine.

A good website to check out is the National Institute of Mental Health. They have a ton of information about the disease. I would look into reading some of that and maybe go to other sites that would help you cope with what you went through.

I know the more information my parents and I got about the disorder, the better we could start to understand what was going on.

Just know that it wasnt your fault with how your ex treated you, and he quite possibly could have loved you.
I'm gonna give you the short but good explanation. People with bipolar disorder have very unbalanced chemical responses to emotions. That's why most take medication. Something as simple as alcohol will cause even worse behavioral problems in a person with bipolar because their brain looses even more control. Your ex-boyfriend may have loved you but you have to realize that his use of alcohol and crystal meth will cloud his emotions. You should consider finding him help for this because what he really needs is a healthy environment under strong medications that can balance his chemical imbalance a little better than alcohol and crystal meth.
bipolar people like myself get violent with or without alcohol
Possibly, and you will not get a warning beforehand of the episode. I am positive that any type of an hallucinogen drug would make anyone act nuts, so keep that in mind whether you are bipolar or not. If he has an emotional disorder he should not do any kind of hallucinogenic drug in that nature. You should not feel bad for your decision you made to break up or stop seeing him. He more than likely chose that option to escape from his crazy unbalanced feelings. At any rate alot of people are misdiagnosed because of drugs. And on the third hand people become bipolar because of drugs and alcohol.
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