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Birth Control Pills: Can you get them w/out a gyn exam?

I want to go on birth control pills to regulate my menstruation cycle, but I don't want to get a gyn exam yet. I'm 21.

Is there any way to get a perscrption without getting the exam yet? I wanted to wait until I am sexually active before I get the exam, because I heard that makes it hurt less.

Your doctor or a Planned Parenthood might prescribe pills without the exam, but I think both at this point would advise that you get the exam. The suggested age for a non-sexually active female is ages 18-21. You are there!! There are other things that need to be looked for, making it a good idea to get the exam--starting breast exams, irregular internal tissues or cysts, etc. Most likely at 21 you will not have any problems, but you are really at the age where you need to go for an exam. The yearly exam is also good because they monitor everything--weight, blood pressure, medical history, etc. It's good to keep track of this stuff!

You mention that you want to regulate your period--does this mean your periods are irregular? This is another thing that it is good to go for an exam for, because irregular periods can be a sign of health problems.

Also, if you've ever used tampons (or, ahem, 'helped yourself out' at all), then most likely your exam will be nothing more than a sharp twinge anyway. It is a lot less about being sexually active before, and a lot more about JUST RELAXING at the exam. If I were you, I would just make an appt. Let the doctor know you are nervous, and any good doctor will be really nice about it. Anyone who tells you that the exam hurts a lot was probably exaggerating.
Where I am your gp can prescribe you birth control pills without a gyn examination.
you are 21 so they would want to do a pap smear whether you are sexually active or not. you could probably just go to the pharmacy and see if its possible to get the pill. here in the bahamas you dont need a prescription to get bc pills
As far as I know you cannot get a script for birth control without a pelvic exam. If you are 21 and have never been, I would highly suggest going to the gyn anyways.

Just because you are still a virgin it doesn't mean that there aren't other things that need to be checked. Going for normal tests, such as a pap, is a routine procedure for the good of your health. They can also detect any problems, such as ovarian cysts, cervical cysts, etc. through an exam and can prevent simple things from becoming bigger problems. If you having irregular periods, you should definately get an exam because there is probably a reason for why they are irregular and birth control might not be the only or best way to fix the problem.

Getting an annual exam is something you should start by age 18 or 21 (depends on who you ask) or as soon as you become sexually active, whichever comes first.

It can be unfomfortable at first, but is nothing as bad as a lot of women say. They are very careful not to hurt you and at the most you will probably feel discomfort, not pain.
Yes, you migh be able to get birth control pills without a vaginal exam, however at your age I wouldn't recommend it. After the age of 18, you need to have at least one pap smear per year. These check for abnormal cervical cells, and it is the only way to check for them. You can let your doctor know that you are a vrigin, or if you don't want to tell him/her that, tell them you need a smaller speculum than the adult size. They will usually go out of their way to make it as comfortable for you as possible. When you do go for one, the important thing is to relax as much as you can, (I know, sounds impossible), you will have less discomfort that way.
Being 21 years old is a great age to start having yearly physical and well-woman exams regardless of whether you are sexually active or not. At this age, you should start having yearly pap smears, etc. You cannot get a prescription for birth control pills without a well-woman exam and only a physician or nurse practitioner can prescribe them.

Also, being sexually active has nothing to do with the exam. Being tense and nervous tightens the muscles in your body, which in turn, could make the procedure uncomfortable. Take a deep breath, relax, and the exam will be over before you know it. There's really nothing to it--you will be surprised.

good luck
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