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How many birth control pills equal one morning after pill?

Since morning after pills (like 'Plan B'), are basically regular birth control pills but with a higher concentrated dose, could one just take extra pills to avoid an accident?

I'd say no. You should really check that out before you try it.
I don't believe that's the case, that they are a ton of birth control pills in one, I believe it is a completely different chemical. Birth control prevents you from ovulating, and tricking your body into thinking it's pregnant. The morning after breaks down the lining of your uterus or something along those lines. So I'd say none.
I'd say no you should check with your gyno/or doctor before doing some thing you will regret
i have heard of that. it is only certain pills that work. try googling.
I wouldn't do that. (nice thought though) the active ingrediant in the average birth control pill is proportioned for wherever you are in your cycle. The ingrediant amount gets lower and lower as you get closer to having your period. Which means not all pills have an equal amount of ingrediant in them. When you are on the pill. you are on a "cycle" of dosage of the ingrediant. If you break the "cycle" (ie: forget to take a pill) then you run the risk of getting pregnant. All in all, its just not a good idea
If you were to take two B/C pills in emergency it would be about the same effect as taking a morning after pill. But then you run the risk of it not effecting anything, also. It will also throw off your cycle of taking the pill and may also cause more complications down the road.

But if you are on a B/C pill anyway and you are taking time regularly then the accident would not be realized until several weeks later and by then it is to late.

To have the most protection and lessen the chances of an accident continue taking B/C pill and have the man use a condom.
none, the morning after pill works in a totally different way
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