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Blood Transfusion???

What is your perspective about blood transfusions?? Do you think it's safe?? Why or why not?? Please be detailed....

for the most part transfusions are safe. They test the hell out of blood these days. But it is tested by humans who can make mistakes. If the blood is to save a life I would say do it. There are alternatives- artificial blood is now being given to patients who refuse transfusions. It is very expensive and has to be ordered in advance. Source(s): OR RN
Safer that hemorrhaging out. They do their best to screen all the blood, I would be more concerned about catching something from the nurses not washing their hands
I think they are a good thing & save lives.

I would only accept one if absolutely necessary because they are not risk free.

They can only test for known bloodborne diseases, so donor blood could harbour a disease that is unknown... a good example is vCJD (mad cow disease).

There's also risk of error, humans are testing it after all. Blood taken from one person isn't just given to one person, it is broken down & can treat many (for example Anti D given to some pregnant women to protect against antibodies their fetus exposes them to, LOTS of doses of this can be obtained from one donor, or blood from one donor can be separated into plasma, platelets, red blood cells, etc).

Also, due to vCJD the UK buys some blood products from countries such as USA were donors are paid, this means that quality isn't so good as if it were donated charitably.
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