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Does medicaid pay for breast reductions if your having difficulties w/ them ?HELP SIZE 44DD?

Does medicaid pay for breast reductions if your having difficulties w/ them ?HELP SIZE 44DD?

Medicaid will pay for breast reduction surgery only if you can prove that it is medically necessary. There is also a certain amount of grams of breast tissue that needs to minimally be removed in order for it to be covered. Usually somewhere around 350 to 400 grams.
Only if your doctor can medically demonstrate you are having health problems because of the size of your breasts....back problems, breathing difficulty etc. Check it out with hinm.
Yes they would pay for the proceedure depending on how your doctor writes up your paper work! Get 2 Opinions for it to be more convincing! Good luck!
Only if you can get a doctor to say it is a medical necessity. You would have to experience severe health problems for medicaid to cover this procedure. Otherwise, it is cosmetic surgery.
You should be covered. Make sure you see a PS that is in your insurance plan or you would pay more out of pocket than with someone in your plan.

They will take pictures and send in information. Complain of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, grooves in your shoulders and rashes under your breasts.
BR Feb 2006
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