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    Is it ok to just say ''no'' to caregiving somebody?
    You are burned out for sure. Look and see - has your love died completely because you have had to become his caretaker? Or, if you had help,......
    I have a question about in-home caregiving for a family member.?
    i believe that all states have a similar plan. i know that there is 1 in NY. my thought is that the state would pay you to take care of her ......
    I am a graduate of proffesional caregiving course aside from my college degree, im looking work abroad?
    advice: get a PROFESSIONAL to write your resume! good luck with that!......
    Reason why nursing course and caregiving is in demand today?
    Because the baby boomers are getting older and needing more healthcare. Plus, nursing has a high turnover rate due to all that is required.......
    In my caregiving job I have to be ready to jump at a moments notice..How can I remain calm?
    Breathe deeply every chance you get. Take with you a hobby you can leave at any time and then get back to it. Don't be so jumpy..Is yo......
    How can I tell if caregiving is putting too much stress on me?
    I have been a caregiver for 16 years...the things I have noticed when I get too stressed are...loss of appetite..insomnia...mood swings..thi......
    Regarding CNA or Caregiving: How physically demanding is the job?
    It depends on what area you're going to work in, be it a skilled nursing facility for long-term care, a hospital for acute care, or home......
    What are the different agencies that help people? (CAREGIVING)?
    Ask your local Salvation Army Social Services Dept.......
    How can i start a small caregiving business?
    call some nursing homes and ask to speak to the admistrador maybe they can help give u some advice......
    How would I put it in proper word form why I enjoy caregiving?
    rather than me writing it for you, here is the idea you have to present as a care giver you have to have a lot of paience you have you be o......
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