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Can cervical cancer make you gain weight?

I have gained weight recently ,and a lot of it is around my stomache.

It can cause a thickening or increase in size of the abdomen, yes. So can ovarian cancer. Get checked out right away!
Yes it can and you need to see a Dr ASAP to make sure you don't have cervical cancer and that you are just getting the middle age spread.I am praying for you that it is nothing more that middle age spread.
Had it and we found it as it was just starting its earlest stage.So I am clean now.
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    No, it would show with a pap smear though;...
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    If your doctor has given you a green signal, go ahead and enjoy. If you are afraid that it will hurt, you will not know till you try. And if it hurts, you can always stop. If you feel th...
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    Cervical cancer can be completely cured , if detected early. It is eminently detectable at an early stage as it can be seen with the use of vaginal speculum. It can be detected even in its p...
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    no it can spread from a different area, my mothers came from her lungs and went throughout her body, even to her brain. i dont know why you are asking but if you have it get everything check...
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    A person can still get cervical cancer even if one has had a total hysterectomy. Likewise, a person can still have a breast cancer recurrence in the ribs even if they have had a total m...
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    Cervical cancer is NOT an STD. HPV (an STD) is responsible for causing more than 90% of cervical cancer cases, but there is that remaining 10% or so that is not caused by HPV. The new va...
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    I had an abnormal pap smear, then (after colposcopy, biopsy, etc.) I was treated with cervical cryotherapy, then I had one more abnormal pap smear, and now, most recently (3 years after gett...
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    No, cervical cancer does not have any symptoms. That is why we get a Pap Smear every year. It is a relatively inexpensive test, and can even detect pre-cancerous cells so your doctor can t...

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