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Chiropractic College Graduate? How was it finding a place to work? I worry as we are older and unsure?

We really dont konw what to do.. go with another Dr. Start our own practice. I heard its super tough to make it.

My bro went to Palmer college and had to work with another doc. His wife also grad from Palmer. they ended up working diff hrs due to being around each other all the time. Look around your area and see how many chiros there are. Its amazing how many are here in Davenport. It is super tough, but i am sure you will make it. esp if you happen to be a palmer grad. :)
Let me tell you something "Penni H."

I'm sorry if you are mad at the world for whatever reason but your comments to other people are out of line and very judgmental. You claim to love God and His Son but really--why do you judge?

You answered my question about extended family. I was okay with your answer until the last line where it stated "Let me guess.. you are not married and have a child." I replied to you on that subject and wanted to send you an email. Your email is unavailable so I will write you here.

I am married. I have two children and I'm very happy. My HUSBAND is going to Iraq for his second deployment in January. This will mean not only is his life at jeopardy but he'll miss my son's birthday--it's sad because he also missed my son's birth last deployment. I asked the question because we live thousands of miles away from home and do NOT rely on anyone but ourselves. Extended family is important to us but we can not have them around all the time.

You really need to get off of your bitter trip. I looked at a few answers of yours and they are all bitter. I wonder why? You are in your 40s and I would think by then you would know not to judge. You should know every situation is different and not to just assume things. Obviously though, you do not.

The thing that really bothers me about the whole situation is my HUSBAND is out there defending our country for ingrates like you--for people who abuse our freedom to judge.

I'm no longer worried or offended by your assumption because I least I know that I'm not a bitter old woman who has nothing better to do then assume,
chiropractors are not real doctors......and because of this you will have to join another Dr because the insurance is too high for witch doctors!!
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