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Chiropractic Care?

OK, i went to the chiropractor on Monday for the first time in 10 years. I have AWESOME insurance that will pay for the care and they always pay fast.
I have been having lower back problems since i got into a car accident when i was 14 so I felt like the chiropractor would help because conventional Drs haven't.
I saw the Xrays and they show that my back it pretty messed up. The spine is a little twisted and my neck is out of line.
Ok, the question is....
Do I need to go every week to get treatments like they want me to?
And They scheduled me to come in for Thurs (today) and Friday (tomorrow) when I had my first visit on Monday. Isn't this too much?
How will getting adjusted 3 times in a week do anyhting?
And last, Do you think they just are scheduling me so much cause they know my insurance will pay all the expenses?


Sincerely,out of personal experience, it is helpful. Chiropractic adjustments can take some of the pain out, and the regular procedure is to be going at least 3 times a week and maybe more. Yes it is time consuming , needs patience , and only you will know if it is worth your while . I had sciatica and arthritis in the hip, and Chiropractic adjustments kept me going for a long time without any pain. . however in time I needed to do the total hip replacement, and after that surgery the leg that was shorter was adjusted and all the pain was gone. Give it a chance and see what it will do for you, and then decide . Source(s): Personal experience
In the beginning, you have to go alot. After a while, your visits will probably taper off. Then, you'll only go once or twice a week for maintenance..
Look at this way, they have to fix 10 years worth of damage. It'll take a while, but it's worth it..Good luck.
2-3 times a week is usually necassary at FIRST for a couple weeks depending on how bad of a mess your spine is in. By the way it sounds, that does sound necessary. This is not unusual for the first couple weeks anway, after that, once or twice a week should be enough until its better. I have been to many different chiropractors myself and this has always been the case and my insurance did not cover anything. And if your insurance does cover it, why wouldnt you want to go? the more you go, the faster you will heal. At first, your muscles are not used to the new adjustment the chiro will give you, so they tend to push the bones back out of place, so you need to go in quite frequently until your muscles and stuff relax and allow the vertebrae to stay in place. good luck.
You really don't need all the qualifiers at the end. Stupid people are more tempted to post unsavory responses just to tick you off with all those silly caps. Okay, now down to the meat. Chiropractic is a crock because, like most medical fields, it doesn't cure the root cause. Poor muscle tone surrounding the spine is the root cause. Just popping a few vertebra here and there is just a temporary fix. If you want to cure it for life you need to do a few simple and easy "exercises" outlined in this book: http://www.amazon.com/overcome-neck-back...

Read the reviews to learn a little about the techniques presented in the book and the author's history. He's combined several disciplines in an easy to use program that you can do at home. It's far more useful than chiropractic and lasts much longer. For under $20.00, you can't go wrong.
Been there, done that, got the T shirt.
Depending on the method the chiropractor uses to adjust you, it could be done over a period of time or all in one appointment. Some chiropractors think that if a huge adjustment must be made, it should be done over a period of time so that the patient will not feel worse for the first day or two after the adjustment. One chiropractor I had would do the adjustment in one appointment, and it did not bother me a bit. Sometimes I'd have to go back for a second appointment but not very often.
Another chiropractor I had made me come in every few days. I wasn't getting any better after a month, and I decided he just liked the money so I found a better one.
Talk to the chiropractor and ask him these same questions. If he is really trying to help you and not use you for the money, you ought to be able to tell by the answers he gives to these questions.
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