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Chlamydia from my b/f?

Im 9 months pregnant and I found out Monday that I had Chlamydia as soon as I got off the phone with my docotor I told my b/f.He says he does not need to go to the doctor because he does not have it. He is the only person that I have ever been with and I dont want to think he gave it to me. I have already been treated for it but its friday and my b/f has not even called the doctor or even acted like he wants to try to find out if he has it, I offered a number and websites and he won't take them. Im worrying about it more t han he is and its his health.Can this come from something else? Does it really mean he cheated on me? How can I convince him to go to a free clinic?

Unfortunately the only way you get STD is from sexual contact with another person. It's sad to say that your boyfriend did indeed cheat. I was diagnosed with Trichomonais when I was just 2 months pregnant and hadn't been with anyone other than my boyfriend. He stated that he didn't have any symptoms and it took him a while to come around, and sad to say he never did get treated. One thing I can say we both have in common is that we did not get the STD from a ghost, it may hurt to face reality but most definitely they been poking around and not being protected. I hope that you are using condoms if you continue to have sex with him, it may put a damper on things you used to do sexually but I'd rather be safe than sorry any given day.
It means he has chlamydia and gave it to you. The question is when did he get it? Tell him no sex until he gets treated
If he is the only one you have been with, he gave it to you! Make sure he gets treated before you or your baby get it again.

Tell him his dick will fall off if he doesnt get it treated. Men seem to hate being told this.
he probably does have it and he knows it. why else would he be so against getting treated?
He doesnt want to face the truth but he has been cheating on you and I would not have sex with him until he show me proof of going to the doctor because it is more than yourself to be concern about its your unborn child also.I'n not trying to be hard on him or make him look bad because believe me this happens all the time
The incubation period for chlamydia in men is not long! Usually within a week he will know he has it. He will get a painful burning when urinitaing almost like razorblades. Next time he goes to the bathroom, stand by the door!! Listen and you will know your answer of whether he has it. If so, then he must have cheated. Sorry to lay it on you like that! If you are pregnant and this happened, you need to leave him, you are better than that!! You are carrying his child!!
one of the things about Chlamydia is that it can have absolutely NO symptoms in some people, I believe it's 1 out of 4. Yes it comes from sex only, and yes if you didn't have it previous years then he has cheated on you. Honestly if he's that ignorant, then I would simply leave him. whether in a relationship or not, EVERYBODY should be regularly tested for STDs!
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