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Doxycycline and chlamydia?

my friend is taking doxycycline to get rid of his chlamydia and was told that he could not have sex while taking the medication nor for an additional 5 days (i think) after the medication is finished. is this true?

The drug is administered to clear up the V.D.
You want to wait until the course of medication is through and maybe a few days after TO MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE!
It is v.d. and contagious.
They don't say it to ruin your sex life...
i had to take doxycycline before and they never told me i couldn't have sex but i was also 14 when i was on it.
I dont really think thats true because of the medication...probably because of the chlamydia.

I took doxycycline for acne and the flu...must be a miracle drug used for everything!?
The wait period is so the medication can completely wipe out the infection and the additional 5 days is probably to make sure it didn't recur due to incomplete response to therapy. The fact he's taking the drug has nothing to do with having to abstain from sex - it's the chlamydia.
Absolutely. He would still be at risk for spreading this STD (sexually transmitted disease) during this time frame.
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