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Can you get Chlamydia from drinking blood?

My friend says she is a virgin but she suddenly has chlamydia... she said she goes to blood drinking cerimonies with her sister and her sister has it too... so she thinks thats how she got it... is that possible? i thought it was only transmitted through sex.

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. It can only be transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact. That means, oral sex, genital sex or anal sex. It cannot be transmitted via toilet seats, sharing washcloths, sharing underwear, drinking blood or other means.

However, if your friend is drinking blood, she could be exposing herself to other diseases such as Hepatitis A, B or C, and HIV, which are far more serious than chlamydia.

Since she has developed this infection, she is not likely a virgin.

-- from a Health Promotions Nurse--
how does this sister think she is a vampire does she have sharp teeth or something

yes, you can catch it through blood. Why does she drink blood? Your friend is weird.
It's transmitted through body fluids.
So i guess it is possible.
As weird as the blood drinking ceremony may be.
have you not heard of oral sex?
thats a crock of ****, im thinkin.
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