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Can a woman pass chlamydia to her boyfriend?

If a woman got chlamydia by sleeping with other men and she slept with her boyfriend can the chlamydia be past to her boyfriend?

Can Chlamydia go away if found on time?

Is Chlamydia more common on men or women?

Yes a woman can pass chlamydia onto a male sexual partner.

No chlamydia does not go away by itself if found on time - but if it is found then it can be treated with antibiotics and THEN it will go away

Chlamydia is more common among women (slightly) as it is easier to pass it from male to female than it is from female to male
If you don't know how Chlamydia is spread you shouldn't be having sex!!!! Its classified as an STD.... in case you don't know, that stands for sexually transmitted disease!!! no, it wont go away on its own!!!! get yourself to a clinic for testing & treatment & dont forget to pick up some info pamphlets on other diseases on your way out the door!!!!! its more common in women by the way, but men get it and spread it also!!
Yes, chlamydia can be spread from female to male.

If the patient tests positive for chlamydia, it is a simple treatment that is cured with antibiotics...usually doxycycline or zithromax.

They say it is much less common in men because it is more easily spread from male to female than female to male.

It is very important to get treated as soon as you find out you have it because if left untreated it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, which is basically when the infection spreads up the reproductive system into the uterus and fallopian tubes. They say this happens in 40% of the women infected with chlamydia! And all it takes is a simple antibiotic...there really is no reason to leave it untreated. Other complications in women can include tubal pregnancy, miscarraige, infertility, chronic pelvic pain and the list goes on. It can cause sterility in men as well. If you are tested positive, all of your partners need to be made aware so they can get antibiotics as well, otherwise you will just keep passing it back and forth to each other and others.

Hope this helps and good luck!
i'm a nurse
Chlamydia curable if diagnosed at propere time. It can be passed to other sex partners
yes it can happen that way. a boy i know of 14 had sex with a 15 yr old girl. he caught chlamydia off her because she had slept around a lot. and no it will not go away if untreated, it can cause you to be infertile. go to your GUM clinic and they will give you a swab and you can do it yourself and they will send the results off to a lab. and you can get anti biotics. it is more common in women than men.
yes with out a doubt she can pass it , if it is treated it will go away,and it is found in both sexes
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