?html> I was just diagnosed with chlamydia, after 10 days on antibiotics, will it be gone forever ?
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I was just diagnosed with chlamydia, after 10 days on antibiotics, will it be gone forever ?

I know nothing about this desease so any information will be most helpfull. I would like to know what the health problems could be, I am 68 yrs. old. was with my boyfriend for six weeks as he lives out of state, I'm sure thats when I contacted it. thank you!

if it was caught early, then yes, it can be cured with antibiotics.

only your doctor can say for sure.

check this out:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/chlamydia... Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/chlamydia...
It can affect pregnancy and give false results for test checking for herpes and chicken pox. At age 68 about all you can do is call the boyfriend and suggest he get diagnosed before playing the field any more.
It'll be gone, but if you get with another infected person or have sex with your ex and he hasn't been cured, you can get it again.
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