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How can you get chlamydia?

How can you get chlamydia?

you can cutch chlamidia by having unprotected sex with somebody who has it.

If you dont want to get it do one of these :
1- practice safe sex , wich means use condom when you want to have sex

2- if you or your partner have it both of you should take treatment.
not using protection with an effected person
by having sex with someone who has chlamydia you idiot.
normally when you sleep with lots of different people without protection.
You can catch chlamydia quite easily, as its the most popular and undetected STI in the country.

Most people get obviously through sexual intercourse, im not 100% sure but i think you can get it through oral sex as well.

U dont want to be worrying about catching it, but preventing it from happening as you usually dont get symptoms and can cause infertility.

If u suspect u have it, see a doctor ASAP, it can be treated with antibiotics.
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    I woul receommend that yoru friend go to a planned parenthood immediately for assistance. The treatment can be confidential from my understanding. This is defintely for a doctor to review....
  • Is it possible to have chlamydia, have unprotected sex, and not pass it on to that person?
    It is definitely possible. I spent a year working as a nurse in an STD clinic, and we saw many cases where one partner was infected and the other was not. But don't take any chances. ...
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    if it was caught early, then yes, it can be cured with antibiotics. only your doctor can say for sure. check this out: ...
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  • When you have a chlamydia test at the gum clinic do you get the results the same day. for men being tested?
    no it takes a week or more. You can get home tests from the chemist now but they cost around ?0...

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