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How long does it take for chlamydia to cause infertility ???

How long does it take for chlamydia to cause infertility ???

Infertility. The Fallopian tube is where the sperm meets the egg, and where fertilization occurs. So if a woman鈥檚 tubes have been damaged by PID in the past, the egg and sperm will not be able to travel along it easily, and she may not be able to conceive. If she does conceive, there is a possibility that the fertilized egg could get stuck in the tube, and the baby would start to develop in the tube instead of in the uterus. This is called 鈥榚ctopic pregnancy�and is a bad situation, because the developing baby almost always dies in early pregnancy, and there will be dangerous internal bleeding.

However, while it is true that chlamydia can cause infertility, this happens in only a small number of women who have it. The risk is not precisely known, but a Swedish study in the early 1990s suggests the following figures.

If 100 women get a chlamydia infection, 20 will develop PID.
Of these 20 who develop PID, 2 will have difficulty conceiving and 1 will have an ectopic pregnancy.
The more times a woman has PID, the greater the damage to the tubes and the greater the chance of later problems. So if those 20 women had another attack of PID, 4 would become infertile and 2 would have ectopic pregnancies.
If those same 20 women had three or more attacks of PID, 8 or 9 would become infertile and 4 would have ectopic pregnancies. Source(s): http://www.embarrassingproblems.com/chla...
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