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How long does it take to chlamydia to develop?

How long does it take to chlamydia to develop?

As long as it takes to have unprotected sex with an infected person. If you have it, you will know within the first three days after having sex. Source(s): I'm a doctor.
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Symptoms usually appear within 1 - 3 weeks after being affected.


Chlamydia is easily confused with gonorrhea because the symptoms of both diseases are similar and the diseases can occur together, though rarely.

The most reliable ways to find out whether the infection is chlamydia are through laboratory tests.

?The usual test is for a health care provider to collect a sample of fluid from the vagina or penis and send it to a laboratory that will look for the bacteria.

?The other test looks for bacteria in a urine sample and does not require a pelvic exam or swabbing of the penis, and results are available within 24 hours.
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