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Can any other stds turn in to chlamydia?

i found out i had chlamydia, but my husband has been faithfull and so have i.the nurse at the clinic told us men can have certain contracted stds which if left tun or spread in to other stds. i dont understand how.
if any one nos or has had a experience like this please help.
this is not a game so no stupiid answers.

There may have been a misunderstanding, chlamydia can make a person more susceptible to getting other STDs, but it doesn't change once you have it. If you don't take care of it, it can spread to other organs and become a bigger problem than it is now. Men can be unsyptomatic carriers, so it's possible that your husband has been positive for a long time, but was unaware.
Someone needs to educate the nurse at the clinic.

STD's are infections. Each disease is caused by a different organism. Some people are infected with multiple organisms, but they cannot turn from one bacterium into another.

Either one of you could have had the disease for a long time without symptoms, or someone is not as faithful as you think.
I'm a doctor.
Ummm... no. Chlamydia is a specific kind of bacteria. It doesn't just mutate into another species of bacteria. You have to have the specific species of bacteria that causes a disease in order to have that disease.
I believe you have it mistaken. STD's don't morph into other STD's. But in some cases in different genders, different STD's will show. In your case sometimes you can have an STD and not even know. Sometimes there aren't any symptoms. Maybe your husband got it, before you met and it didn't show any symptoms.
I think the nurse needs to go back to school!
Chlamydia is an STD, so are the others none change into something else!
You or your husband could have had it for years without any symptoms If you've been unwell and your white cell count dropped that could have triggered the symptoms.
There are a lot of people who have undiagnosed illnesses that only certain tests reveal.
I think one of you has picked it up from a previous partner unfortunately!
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