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How long to wait before having intercourse after being treated for Chlamydia?

I tested positive for Chlamydia. Both my partner and I were prescribed a one time dose (of 4 pills) of antibiotics which we will take tonight. The doctor did not mention anything to me about having to wait to have intercourse nor did I read it in the materials they gave me; however, I have been reading that you have to wait anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks to have intercourse. I also read that you have to wait until you are done taking the antibiotics, but ours is just a one time dose so will only be taking them one time. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge on this?

Please only respond if you have actual experience or work in the medical field. Thanks!

The safest thing would be to wait until a week after all the antibiotics have been completed. Since it is a one dose antibiotic. Do not have intercourse while the male is still showing symptoms.
Guidelines state that you should not have sex until you and your sex partners have completed treatment- otherwise reinfection can occur. You need to have a follow up test done 3-4 months after treatment to make sure it has been cured. If your symptoms do not disappear within one to two weeks after finishing the medication, you will need to see your doctor.
I am a nurse for over 22 years
8 days
i work in the medical field and also in school for nursing degree. if it is a one time dose then take it tonight and wait a week (to be on the safe side). or i personally suggest after the week is up get tested again and then if you and your partner are clear then go ahead.
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