?html> I had sex 5 days after I took antibiotics to cure chlamydia. What are the odds I could have gotten it again?
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I had sex 5 days after I took antibiotics to cure chlamydia. What are the odds I could have gotten it again?

I have had chlamydia twice and the last time I found out I went to the emergency room and they gave me 4 pills to take to cure it. I never went to the doctor again to make sure it was cured and had sex 5 days after taking the antibiotic instead of waiting the full week before I did. Will not waiting the additional two days have increased my chance of still having it?

Did your partner take medicine for chlamydia, too? If not, then you can catch it again. Antibiotics do NOT make you immune to chlamydia. If you AND your partner don't take the drugs for chlamydia, you can just keep passing it back and forth to each other.

Since you did not complete treatment, you probably (re)infected your partner. So you can get chlamydia again if you have sex without giving him the right medicine (antibiotics).

You need to follow doctors orders. If you do not, you can lose the ability to have children.
1. Get the meds and TAKE THEM CORRECTLY.
2. Abstain from ALL sexual contact as long as your doctor tells you to (a week in this case).
3. ALWAYS use condoms, even if you are on the pill.

And respect your body by protecting it from disease. You only get to have it once, it's up to you to keep it in good shape, inside and out! Source(s): I work for your friendly local health department.
go back and get it checked out
especially if it was with the same person.
Use a condom, that generally prevents it....
Personal Experience
It actually depends. When you had sex did you use a condom and was the person you had sex with infected with chlamydia or run the risk of it?
The medicine works pretty fast, they just say wait to make sure, but if the person you had sex with was someone you were sleeping with before being tested/treated for chlamydia and you had unprotected sex with them again and they hadn't been treated then the risk of contracting it again from them is extremely high. Also keep in mind that you are playing with fire. The risk of someone who has already contracted an STD and contracting HIV is higher than someone who has never contracted an STD so start being more careful.
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