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I dont like no fruit or vegitables at all and i suffer with bad colds any advice :)?

I dont like no fruit or vegitables at all and i suffer with bad colds any advice :)?

You're always going to be sick if you don't eat properly. Learn ways to prepare them so that you like them better, and get into them one by one, like try carrots one week and say apples the next week, after you've got used to carrots and the ways you can cook them (steam them with a little bit of ginger, they're nice that way).
vitamin suppliments
Yes, learn proper English, moron!
learn to like them.

cover them in a sauce or try cooking them differently

i find it hard to believe you dont like any.
Echinacea tablets.
If you can't get natural vitamin C which you would absorb by eating fruit and vedgetables, then my suggestion would be to take a multivitamin supplement every day. This should help build up your bodies immunity to colds etc.
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  • I have a hectic schedule.. how do i beat the feeling of fatigue and minor colds every other week.??
    i would recommend a multi vitamin designed for women.....i have two young kids....lack sleep and have a thyroid disfunction....i felt the same i started taking swisse multi vitamins for wome...
  • Can taking a 500mg vitamin C tablet help me not catch any diseases, infections, or colds??
    Vitamin C may only be useful in case of a cold if you have low levels of this nutrient to begin with. The likelihood of success may be very individual -- some people improve, while others do...
  • Commercials...what is the puck that u put into the shower to help with colds?
    Sudacare is the best I've tried....just don't touch the thing once the water hits it or you could burn your skin. They're expensive but once you get into the shower with it yo...
  • My girlfriend is 21yrs, has a weak immune system is she likely to catch colds etc and she has a weak bladder?
    On the bladder weakness side, she really needs to speak to her GP. There are a multitude of reasons it could be but other than UTIs and the like I would say most likely a case of Over Active...
  • What do you do if you know someone is on drugs, and they keep getting colds, Is it there immune that is low?
    Lowered immune system is a common problem with drug abusers. Especially those who are amphetamine users. . . .not only do they use but they do not get enough to eat or get enough sleep. Th...
  • How does a person build up their immune system when they've been sick with colds and flue all winter?
    Exersize and eat health food"s that give you energy.....
  • I sneeze every morning immediately after i wake up. is there a solution to chronic colds?
    sneeze does not meant it is cold however allergy, change your cussions!! and change the cover everyday, dont use softner only powder for alergic people (eg babies works well) It can be from...
  • What is that vaccination that you can take before winter and Autumn to stop you from getting colds and flus?
    It's called the flu vaccine. And it doesn't prevent you from getting colds. There is no cold vaccine....

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