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Can a cold last 4 to 5 weeks?

I have had a cold for 4 weeks now its not serious or anything the 1st was awful i was dizy and week and had a headace and fever and then the 2nd week it was just coughing sore throat and now it just snezzing running noise coughing and sometime i cought up yellow werid gunk i do take medice only dayquil and nightquil how long will it take for it to go away?

It depends how good your imune system is, if you smoke and if you have more then 3 colds a year. You might need antibiotics if you have an infection. Try drinking plenty of fresh orange juice and water. I have colds that last up to 4 weeks. Go to your g.p who will see whether or not you need antibiotics.
wow....go 2 the doctor...this is not a WISE place 2 seek medical help
Use Echinacea It helps with your immune system.
I use it every time I get a sore throat or a cold. It is so much better than antibiotics, and cheaper than a Dr visit.
Go to Wal-Mart in the Vitamins section, about $8.00 maybe less. I always get the Big Bottle. Helps everyone I know.
I always take two to start with with some food maybe crackers or soup. I hope you feel better soon.
God Bless you.
No, it shouldn't last this long!!! this is very bad for your immune system you must see a doctor he will be able to prescribe the correct antibiotic for you which should help.

Good luck.
you mai have a bronquial infection by now, best to go for a doctors visit and explain, looks like you need echinacea for all winter after you get out of it, and maybe just maybe a flu vaccine. wish you get well soon. john
Yes, if you smoke you can stay sick for ever! Me and my husband both smoke and each time we get a cold it seems to last ages. The best thing that gets us over it is to get some green tea with antioxidents, and limit the smoking to only a few/day or none at all for a few days.
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