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When I am cold, I get sleepy. why?

When I am really cold, I fall asleep or get really really tired. Usually heat exhausts people. Why does this happen?

Because your metabolism is lowered as your body tempurature drops, resulting in the loss of energy. Source(s): I'm a nurse.
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Your blood pressure drops, that makes you sleepy. It's a completely different from heat making you tired.
well maybe you have low blood and get cold when you are hot
I'm that way too. But I'm also one of those people that would rather be cold than hot, because if I'm hot I'm cranky instead of sleepy.

When I'm cold I relax and that's when I go to sleep. Most people have to be warm to relax...that's why heat exhausts them.
its because the cold makes you want to be cozy and in bed under sheets which makes you just want to sleep. i have this problem i start yawning like crazy.
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