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How to get rid of Cold Sores?

I hear that putting tea bags on a cold sore will help it heal faster. First of all I don't know if the tea bag is suppose to be wet or dry. I have had one off and on. What other ideas can I use for cold sores? Please help!

I'd take some vitamin b-12, c and zinc orally -
You could have stress, weak immune system or the virus -
so you will be prone. Try using a lip treatment - daily -
my dad suffers greatly and uses the lip service by Arbonne -
it's botanical and really helps. Source(s): Skin care consultant
creams from your local drugstore
I have found camphor phonic works as well as anything. Stops cold soreness and closes almost over nightIts over the counter at a drug store,ask druggist....George
Don't get cold sores in the first place. Abstain.
Well You can buy crams at the store that specialize in cold sores but what I do is I use peroxide and I get it all bubbly then I use alcohol yes it stinks a bit but it drys it up faster and helps keep the itching and swelling down too! It is a good idea to start as soon as you feel one coming on! As far as the teas bag I haven't heard of using one for a cold sore..sore tooth yes but not a cold sore!
Hope this helps...
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