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Low temp and I`m always cold?

I have always been cold. My normal temperature is around 97.9 which is kind of low. The highest fever I have had as far as I know is 100.1. When most people think a room is hot I am comfortable. In my bedroom I only have the fan on if I`m hot or if I`m airing out the room. I cant sleep unless I am almost completely covered from head to toe in a blanket. People tell me I am always cold because I dont have any body fat. I am 15 years old, 5'5 and 107 pounds and think I have plenty of body fat. My main concern is that my feet are always FREEZING, except when I have tennis shoes on. Why am I always cold? Do I have a thyroid problem? What are the symptoms for that? What will the doctor do to find out why I`m always cold?


Without seeing a doctor i can only guess at why your cold, it could be a number of things most of them aren't serious, some could be, my suggestion would be first try getting on a good quality multi vitamin, i recommend Pre-Natal vitamins they are usually better quality and they sell them at walmart.and before you freak and say But i am not pregnant that doesn't matter. just make sure your mom and dad know your taking them because you want the best quality vitamin available, that way they don't freak. Take them for 2 weeks and if it doesn't help GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!
we are not doctors. Go to the doctor. Your weight is too low for sure. You should weigh 125 or so. It could be weight, thyroid, anemia, poor nutrition, etc, etc.
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