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Why do you wee more when you're cold?

I wee lot's anyway - especially after alcohol but it gets ridiculous when I'm cold!!!!!

Because you drink more tea to warm you up!!

Talking about tea - you putting the kettle on? mwahahaha
well when you're hot, your body uses up more water to keep cool through sweating etc. so when you cold and full of liquid its got nowhere to go but south.
I thought that it was only me that this happened to. yippee I am not the only one!
Agius is right, but also when your cold body parts contract to preserve heat so your bladder shrinks a little making you pee more often!!
well i erm... i dont no what to say nain lol your my sister and this has gone over bored from the gordon ramsay impressions. i bet your going to mark this no aren't you lol
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