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Why does being cold make me have to pee?

Is there a reason that I get the urge to pee a lot in winter or any other times when I get really cold (extreme air conditioning, etc.)? This is really bad because I have paruresis and in certain situations I can't always pee when I feel the urge, so is there any way I can keep this from happening? I don't drink a lot and the only time I get frequent urges is when I'm really cold.

This is called "cold diuresis".

Being cold causes vasoconstriction (blood vessels become narrow). This causes greater pressure in the blood vessels. The kidneys react by excreting excess fluid to reduce this pressure. Your body will, if you are freezing, make you urinate so that your precious body heat will be used to warm your body, not your urine.

Addressing your paruresis ("shy bladder syndrome") may be a better possibility than trying to avoid being cold. There is a website for paruresis sufferers at http://www.paruresis.org/.

Good luck! Source(s): I am in healthcare education.
This is a common and entirely natural response to cold. Not much can be done about it.

It is very important to avoid dehydration---that will make this problem even worse, believe it or not.
You are drinking more fluids and your body is eliminating dead viruses and bacteria to cleanse your body ,To fight infection the dead cells and infectants are flushed through your kidneys to be released
My Bad ,I thought you said you had a cold .Jt gave the correct answer .
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