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Can having a cold affect your period?

I am on birth control (orthocyclen) and have been for about 5 years. I came down with a cold on Sunday and had experienced spotting Saturday evening. Sunday would have been the first day of my "period week." I'm just wondering if being infected with a cold virus would have affected my period? It stopped and then I got my period as usual on the Tuesday of my "period week"/inactive pills week. It seems normal otherwise...but I've never had spotting like that before. I haven't taken any medicine for the cold aside from 2 ibuprophen for a headache yesterday, so that wouldn't have done it. Anyone else experience this?

Sometimes when im run down, sick or feeling stressed it can delay my period. you should be fine next month hun.No, It's will not happen. That my experience.
yes it can especially if you're really sick and your body is working double time to fit the virus. Basically, what your body did is it needed the extra white blood cells that you would have lost during your period. your body sort of post poned your period until it was on its way to recovery.

I have year round allergies (dust) so my bodies constinantly fitting of sinus infectins and what not. so when i have a really bad allergy month i will be late.
This has happened to my wife. Quite often some supposedly unrelated minor illness (like a cold) will alter her cycle.

Interestingly, she also claims that when she has a cold, her vaginal secretions/mucous are more prolific as well; it runs like her nose does!
Yes it is possible if you have had a cold to skip some days of your period, as well as that you can experience it in less days than normal, or the opposite. Don't worry.
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