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Hot or cold for stiff neck?

One doc says heat and other says cold for stiff neck. What do I do?

unless this is due to injury,warm. cold would just cause more tension in the neck. moist heat is actually what works best for me.
Use cold when you first injure yourself, maybe the first two days, only 20 mins. at a time though. Then use heat after the first two days.
heat will help relax the muscle.
I'd go with heat... It seems to me that cold would make it worse. But who knows?! Try the heat first and if it don't work, try cold. I was having migraines VERY bad a couple of years ago and was seeing a physical therapist for something else and he recommended ice on a headache. That sounded like pure torture to me but I was so desperate I tried it once. IT ACTUALLY WORKED! :o) So just give both a try and remember the results for next time. In the meantime use some icyhot and have someone give you a massage. Hope you feel better soon.
Heat is the way to go! You need to keep the muscles warm so they dont stiffen up. Also try some light stretching, Put your hand in front of your forehead and push your head against it, try this for a 15sec count, then take the same hand & put it to the back of your head & repeat for the 15sec count, then the left & then the right side of your head. Continue to do this every half hour or so, it should help.
I usually use heat
but you should do what makes you feel better!!
If it is just a tight muscle, and not an injury, Heat. Warm moist heat, take a towel wet it, and microwave it for like 30 sec,check it with your hand to see how hot, keep warming it until it is right for you (Dont burn yourself!) than place it on the affected area for about 20 min. it works well. Also Advil or the like...if you can take this (No ulcers, etc...). Good Luck!
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