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Are swollen or inflammation lips one of the flu and cold symptoms?

i start getting cold two days back and immediatly i started taking flu and cold medicine to avoid getting worse but to day morning when i wakeup i found part of my down lips swollen or inflam. what you think?

the medecin i am taking ( Panadol for cold and flu) & ( Flourest anti cold and flu)

My guess is it is an allergic reaction to the cold flu medicine. Could you tell us what medicine are you taking so that we can be sure.

I don't think so... try a benidryl

Hi nagy i, First of all, flu and cold medicines don't do any thing to shorten the natural course of whatever bug decided to land in your mouth and downward. In fact, on occasion, one of them or a combination of them can make you feel worse. OK...I got that off my chest. A lower lip that is swollen can be a symptom of one type of virus that your body has not seen before. This virus for some reason loves the lips and inner mouth areas. It is called Herpes simplex. There are two types, 1 and 2. These viruses are generally transferred from one person to another by direct contact; e.g. mouth to mouth or mouth to somewhere else, or even by finger to mouth.

Ok...cold sore maybe or some other virus. The first contact with one of those can be mild to nasty, and although the cold symptoms go away the sore will take a couple of weeks to clear out. Nice to know that only in rare cases does anyone end up in the hospital for a stay.

Must also consider that several things can be going on at the same time. First could be that you did catch a little cold and at the same time developed an immune allergy response to some part of the medicines that you took. Swollen lips are one of those places on the body that show that response. I would also expect for you to be itchy and maybe have some kind of body rash though if that were the case.

You will know the answer yourself in the next 24 hours. If you start to feel a place on your lower lip that is really sensitive then expect to progress from there to a viral outbreak sore.

In terms of medicine to treat a viral sore. For first timers, by the time you realize what is going on it is usually too late to treat it. There are topical and oral antiviral Rxs. I am sure that any M.D. would love to order you some so he/she can feel better about charging you $100 for the visit. Then you will pay 60 at the pharmacy for something that won't help you anyway.

Oh...If it turns out to be a virus remember that everything that goes into your mouth (fork, hand, drinking glass) will come out with that virus on it. Wash your hands and don't transfer it to someone else.

On the other hand, if your wheezing by now call 9-1-1 especially if you have a past history of asthma.

If none of this happens then I will send you your money back for this consult.

Have a safe journey!

no...your swollen lips may be caused by allergic reaction with the medicine you've taken. be sure you are taking the right medicine. you must see your doctore before getting any worst.

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  • Are swollen or inflammation lips one of the flu and cold symptoms?

    My guess is it is an allergic reaction to the cold flu medicine. Could you tell us what medicine are you taking so that we can be sure.

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