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If you have a fever blister/cold sore.. does that means you have herpes??

is it normal for people to have fever blisters.. how did they catch it from the beginning and does that mean you have a STD. I mean I seen alot of people that had blisters does that mean they have herpes... and last question... is there any other reason why blisters develop besides having herpes simplex

1) Yes, having fever blisters/cold sores means you are infected with one of the two herpes simplex viruses, Most fever blisters (oral herpes) are caused by hsv-1.

2) Yes, it is normal for people to have fever blisters. By leaving high school about 60% of the population are infected with oral herpes, by middle age that figure is 95%.

3) Fever blisters are normally caught by kissing someone infected with the virus. Most people who have them caught them as children - my boyfriend caught them from a quick kiss on the lips from his aunt when he was five years old. He still remembers his first cold sore. Though many people don't ever remember having a cold sore, that doesn't mean they are not infected. 8 out of 10 who have the virus never get symptoms - it is the unlucky few who do get regular cold sores.

4) No, having oral herpes does not mean you have an std, but remember not to judge people who have genital herpes because there is absolutely no difference between your oral herpes and their genital herpes, only the locaiton, not the symptoms. In fact, more than 50% of new genital hepres cases are caused by the exact same herpes virus you have on your mouth, hsv-1. The rest are caused by hsv-2, which has exactly the same symptoms but tends to produce more frequent outbreaks when it is on the genitals than hsv-1.

Which brings me to the important bit - be aware that although you have oral herpes and do not therefore have an std, if you give someone oral sex, and transfer it to their genitals, they would then have genital herpes which is classed as an std. I caught genital herpes form receiving oral sex from a partner that got fever blisters, as did my sister. It is a common myth that the cold sore virus cannot be transmitted when you do not have a cold sore - unfortunately, though the risk is much reduced, this is not true and there is still a chance you can pass it on even without symptoms. My boyfriend did not have a visible fever blister when he gave me oral sex. Ever.

5) Yes, those classic small blisters round the mouth or up to the nostrils are a sign they have herpes as are sores round the oral area. It is very unlikely the blisters are caused by anything other than oral herpes, but it really is very common.

Fever blisters are a type of herpes on the lips or in the genital areas.

Yes -- cold sores are caused by a type of the herpes simplex virus -- similar to the STD one -- it's transmitted through contact -- sharing drinks, forks. . . lips.

That kind of stuff. . . but, it's not the same herpes as the crotch one.

HSV-2 is the main cause of genital herpes. HSV-1 is the main cause of oral herpes (cold sores), but it also causes a small percentage of genital herpes infections. The same JAMA study found that while the prevalence of HSV-1 is decreasing, this virus may be causing more cases of genital herpes. The percentage of people who had genital herpes and tested positive for HSV-1, but not HSV-2, increased by 350% from 1988 - 2004.

Fever blisters are a form of the herpes virus...there are 2 forms, as has already been mentioned. But I want to let you know that if you have a fever blister you can spread it by having oral sex while it is contagious. A fever blister touching the genital area can then cause the genital form of herpes.

They are not quite the same thing. They are both caused by a virus which remains dormant within the skin and can be set off by something like stress, a fever or a cold (hence a cold sore).

HSV-1 is different from herpes simplex type II (HSV-2), which is the virus that causes the sexually transmitted disease known as genital herpes.
HSV-1 is a very common virus. It is thought that 90% of adults have been exposed to the virus during their lifetime.

The source below discusses fever blisters.

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