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How do u actually get the cold?

is it from:

going from hot to cold??

from catching germs either from door handles and then somehow getting in your mouth?

or is it simply from being in the cold??

i want to avoid getting the cold and am trying to figure out how we actually get it

i used to use that first deference spray when i first felt i was getting the cold and it was uselss made it actually worse!

have tried eucancea in tea - dodnt help much

does any2 know any good other preventions?


Common cold is caused by virus, the species of which are in un-known numbers!
That is why If you observe closely, we can see that the older the man, the lesser are his chances of getting common cold, as his chances of exposure to more and more number of the viral species is more and more due to his age!
As for as the treatment or prevention of the common cold let us not forget the famous saying that the "common cold when treated lasts for a week and when not treated lasts for seven days"...!!!

Ask Dr. Ruth and her baby..

From inconsiderate people who have the cold virus and spread it by sneezing over you, coughing without covering their mouth, leaving snotty tissues everywhere etc. x

its all of those but by kissing some one with a cold you can get it 2

Bacterial infection: Colored liquid expelled
Viral infection: Clear liquid expelled

The cold virus (Rhinovirus) is introduced to your body, and the symptoms that result are the immune response. There are many types of rhinovirus, which is why we continue to suffer colds even though antibodies are present. The best way to alleviate symptoms is to introduce electolytes; zinc is particularly effective. Be cautious though, and avoid supplements entirely... Finding foods or products with electrolytes is a much more safe and effective method of self-treatment. Of course, increase fluid intake as well.

Wash your hands lots and never ever eat anything before you've washed your hands. You to have contact with the cold virus somehow before you can catch a cold. However, if you get chilled your resistence to virus' is lowered so the old dress warm and don't get a chill is true too! Mother is right!!

Another good prevention is to gargle everyday. Even with plain water. That will reduce you getting colds by about 30%.

2 good preventions, WASH HANDS, AND GARGLE.

Hi,I agree with starlet also people have to go back to work has soon as they feel better which is the time they are getting rid of the cold & the worse time for passing it on.

Mainly from going from hot to cold??

A cold is a virus that you can catch from anywhere. People tend to suffer more from cold's in the winter because we have central heating on, with less windows open, so the virus can spread more easily. We DO NOT get cold's from being cold. That is an old wives tale. However, when are resistance is low, when we are stressed or are not eating well, then we are more likely to catch a cold.

So, to avoid colds eat healthily, take regular exercise and keep away from stuffy places in the winter. Try and get some fresh air in the windows too.

Airborne germs,(thats why you should use hankies), kissing when other has a cold, etc....its not true you get colds from being in the cold, or going out with wet hair, thats another fallacy, don't think there is a totally preventitive measure...sorry

1st u catch a cold if u'r own body auto-immune system is down a bit. u can help that buy eating and dressing properly and washing u'r hands regularly and carry around a small bottle of hand disinfectant. i don't know about there but the staph infection going around is rampid here and the hospital is bathing in disinfectant.
going from a hot to cold area does not cause colds or going out side w/wet hair, it is u'r body's immune and how strong it is.
if someone sneezes into open air and/or touches something, yep.
the tea does help u'r immune system, some. there r no miracles, just TLC and being careful and lucky.
happy no cold season to you.

There are several strands of the cold. We carry them with us but have built up immunities to them. We become infected when we come in contact with strands or versions that have either mutated beyond our immunity or not been introduced to yet. The cold, ironically enough, cannot exist in extreme cold environments such as above or near the arctic circle. Some good ways to prevent the cold ar to wash your hands after and before contact with face or commonly used objects. always cover your nose and mouth during a cough or sneeze. stay away from sick people. Consider the things in your home. Have you ever whiped your phone with antibacterial cleaner? The keyboard to your computer? Think of the most public areas and objects. Try to keep them clean. Try to limit contact with eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.

You do not get sick from being in the cold of switching from hot to cold. The reason ppl get sick alot more in winter is acually just because they are often indoors in close proximity with no ventalation. So bugs travel alot easier from person to person. Weather can slightly lower your immune system though leaving you more vunerable to illness, but it doesn't acually cause it.

Echinacea, oil of oregano, & vit. C (all in tablet/capsule form) will all help raise your immune system to prevent illness.

Etiological agent: predominantly viruses etc coronavirus etc
Mode of transmission : Droplets / respiratory route ( when others cough or sneeze )
Generally antibiotics don;t work against viruses.
Common cold or coryza is self-limiting, no need for specific treatment.

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