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How deadly is stage four colon cancer? What is chance of survival?

I have a friend who was last week diagnosed with stage four cancer, that started in her colon and spread to her ovaries, liver and parts of her stomach. She is a 23 year old young beautiful girl! How does this happen to such a young person? Cancer really is a silent killer - she had no idea until she collapsed in an airport last week. I would like to know what the survival chances are for stage 4 cancer victims?? =(

Unfortunately, when it is detected at later stages (when distant metastases are present) it is less likely to be curable. Distant metastases means it has spread to the liver, stomach etc.

Pray for her and her family and be strong for her. I hope that she is right with God, because he will ease her pain.

God Bless, and prayers for you all.
It's tragic to learn about your friend. But advanced colon cancer has a nil next to nothing rate of survival. Sorry.
Stage 4 colon cancer (metastatic) clearly has the worst prognosis. However, not all stage IV cancers are the same. For example, the NCI reports that patients with 3 or less hepatic (liver) metastases have a five-year survival rate of 20 to 30%.
For some reason, cancer seems to be more aggressive in younger people. That is just my observation. But the good news is that hopefully she is otherwise healthy and strong and will be more able to withstand the aggressive surgeries, chemotherapy and/or radiation than older people. I think that laughter and a positive attitude can be the best medicine that you as her friend can give her right now. Be there for her as much as you can - to avoid her can make this ordeal for her more difficult.
Colon cancer is very deadly, my father passed away 2 years ago and they caught his very early and that still didn't help. Start four is very bad, I'm very sorry to hear about your friend but if a miracle doesn't happen I'm afraid she's doomed. Once it's spread that much there is not much anyone can do except pray. All you can do is be her friend til the end and help her and her family in this time of need because it only gets worse and it progresses. She is very young indeed and something like this had to be very hard to deal with so she is going to need alot of love and support. I think the survival of this stage is less than 20%. Again I'm very sorry, keep your head up and help your friend and just be there for her.
medical assistant and my father passed away of this.
my husband passed away last year from liver cancer, im sorry but stage four the doctor will tell you is the final stage there is no hope when its 4. call the doctor they will tell you
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