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Does gingivitis or periodontis disease has any link to colon cancer?

If a person eats breakfast before brushing his teeth and is not aware that he has gingivitis or periodontis disease. Will he gets colon cancer? Is there any link? Should he change his routine to eat breakfast after brushing his teeth?

I have heard that some researchers believe that there is a link between gingivitis or periodontal disease and colon cancer. But it is not really proven , though some of the evidence supports the theory . My mother suffered from gingivitis and she died from colon cancer. I do my best to look after my teeth and gums and rinse my mouth twice a day with a mouthwash . If you are worried either get advice from a dentist , or if you get gum disease go to a pharmacy and get something there . At the very least rinse with a solution of salt water , I often use that too . I brush my teeth after eating morning and evening , it seems more logical than brushing before eating . Flossing is also a good idea , it is a hassle at first but does help to preserve teeth and gums .
Not really sure that I have the answer to your question, but I do know that before my father-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the dentist asked him if he had any major health issues going on. At the time, my father-in-law didn't think so. After he discovered he had the cancer, he asked the dentist about it, and the dentist claims that sometimes they can tell by your gums & teeth that there are more serious things going on, they just don't know what.

Like I said, don't know if that truly answers your question, but thought I'd share the info.
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