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Why can't I get out of this depression? I am on meds, and get therapy, but I still feel awful some days.?

I have 2 wonderful children annd 2 grandchildren, my husband is understanding and patient, my job is low stress. I own a house and I am fairly healthy. Why do I still fall into such a deep depression even on meds. I feel so helpless, and out of control. NOTHING makes me happy all I want to do is sleep. I miss work days and that makes me look bad. But I can't seem to drag my self out of the house.

If you still feel awful "some days", there are two possibilities.
Either you are on the wrong med, or you aren't dealing with your issues in therapy. This is something better dealt with in therapy. If you are just low on energy, you might try B-12 supplements. I've dealt with clinical depression myself for the past thirty five years, and I have some bad days, but mostly my days are ok. If I start having more than one or two days a month that are bad, or have a string of them, I am in my doctor's office within a week, and we either try a new med, or we find out if there is a physical reason for the way I feel. It is hard when you are depressed to get to the doctor and to be assertive enough to get the help you need, but it is something that has to be done, no one can do it for you. Hang in there, this too shall pass and better days will come. Source(s): RN
Probably because you don't know why you're alive. This might sound strange at first but it's true. You don't know why you are sucking air. Do you believe in God? This is Him calling you. Check out this site for more help. GotQuestions.org. This is a common problem because most people think, including me at one time, that life is about being happy when it isn't, it's about knowing God.
Maybe you need to kick start yourself. Find something that you can look forward to doing and set some goals to give yourself a boost.
For goodness sake, go and have a blood test! It could be something very simple like anaemia, or underactive thyroid. Or you could be lacking in a vitamin or mineral.

You could even have glandular fever - though this is more unusual in adults. Still possible, though. Get tested.

Are you on any form of birth control? If yes, this might be causing your problems.

Your medicine doesn't seem to be helping. If you've been on it a while, it should DEFINITELY be doing more than this! You need to speak to your doctor - if they don't listen properly then get a different, better doctor!

You may also need a better therapist - they should be helping you find out why you feel so low.

Is it possible that this is a severe allergy to something? If you dye your hair - stop! It's been linked to nervous disorders and fatigue as well as other nasty things.

You should make an immediate appointment for a blood test.
Could be that the meds that you are on are not working for you or have stopped working. I have had that happen to me. I hate to endorse added medications, but it sounds like time to check with your doctor and do some shuffling of your drug cocktail.
Best wishes
Time to change your meds most likely.
Also try to get outside and into the sun! It usually helps, even if it's just the back yard, it could be just what you need!
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