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Will diabetes cause your teeth to rot or fall out, or will the medication metformin cause this?

over a 2 year period, all my front upper and lower teeth rotted or fell out when eating.

Diabetes is not the direct cause and Metformin will not cause any problems either. However, uncontrolled diabetes leads a person to be more prone to infection as well as an inability to heal properly...this makes periodontal disease a huge threat. Often diabetics who lose teeth lose them because of gum disease. As for the decay...well unfortunately for those with type 2 Diabetes..often this is a product of poor diet and or poor oral hygiene. Also if your blood surgar is low, say for instance in the middle of the night , often the person will drink some juice and fail to brush.
As for you, if the whole tooth fell out...I would expect you have gum disease and this also can be a sign that your diabetes isn't being controlled well.
of course not
my mother is diabetic, and she also lost most of her teeth. to the answer 'of course not', you should check things out before answering!

my mum has a problem now with receding gums (this also happens as we age) and most of the remaining teeth are rotting up where they should be inside the gums. the only thing is that i am not sure if this is caused because of the medication or diabetes itself!
Metformin will not cause it. However, eating too much sugar and sweets will! That is probably why you are diabetic in the first place!
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