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Does diabetes skip a generation?

Someone told me that diabetes skips a generation. Doesn't make any sense to me. Is this true?

No, it's not true. Diabetes is partly related to genetic factors, meaning it runs in families-- some families have more of a tendency than others to get it. There's no specifica pattern to which family members get it-- sometimes a person from every generation will get it, sometime none will, sometimes you'll get it and no one else in your family (that you know of) will have had it. In addition to genetics/heredity, a lot of it has to do with how you live your life. Someone who has many family members with it could decrease their own chances of getting it by exercizing, eating right, avoiding junk food, maintaining a weight and losing weight if they become overweight.
no because both my parents have diabetes...my sister was just diagnosed with it...i had gestational diabetes
it can, but not necessarily. I have it, my grandma had it, but my parents don't
diabetes type 1 may have genetic miscoding but there is no evidence that it skips or is destined to you. type 2 is simply brought on by poor diet , lifestyle, and or the lack of specific cellular nutrients for the brain to tell the pancrease how to do its job correctly. from a purely metaphysical standpoint --we only attract to us that which we focus on , and accordingly it would be wise to shift your focus toward perfect health-with an emphasis on allowance. this approach when done correctly can and does override so-called genetic morphism.
(spiritual) abraham-hicks.com
(physical) - read up on glyco-nutrients, and enzymes specific to diabetes.
yes it does skip a generation i have type 1 diabeties my parents don't and their parents don't have it but my great uncle has it
Diabetes cannot be predicted that easily.
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