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Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, can you get rid of it / be cured?

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, can you get rid of it / be cured?

If you have Type 1 diabetes, no. You need to replace the insulin you can no longer make, or you will die. You need to do this by injecting insulin, there are NO oral "insulin pills". Type 1 diabetes is a non-preventable autoimmune disease. There are NO cures for it, no matter what anyone says. This is the rarer severe form of diabetes, and not many people understand it. It has NOTHING to do with diet, weight, or obesity.

Oral medication is used for Type 2 diabetes, the common form often related to obesity. The pills are NOT insulin (insulin cannot be taken by mouth), but medication that makes a person more sensitive to the insulin they already make (among other things).

If you have Type 2 diabetes, some can achieve normal blood sugars without medication if they eat healthy, watch portions, and exercise. This changes need to be made early. This is not a "cure", as the hyperglycemia will return if any of the above are stopped. It could be seen as a "remission". Some will eventually need medication or insulin no matter what, but this can often be avoided if you make the effort early on. There are also some supplements (like cinnamon) that have shown promise in treating Type 2 diabetes.

P.S. There has NEVER been a medically documented case of autoimmune Type 1 diabetes going into "remission" (without a transplant or some type of experimental immunotherapy). Certainly not spontaneously. There is what's called a "honeymoon" phase in which the pancreas gives out one last kick before all beta cells are finally destroyed and all memory t-cells are forever programmed to attack. This usually happens right after the person starts insulin therapy. About 40-50% of Type 1 diabetics have this. They may be able to go off insulin for a short period of time or use less insulin, but the need will return.

People with Type 1B diabetes (a rare Type 1 subtype often found in blacks and Asians) often find their need for insulin comes and goes. But their diabetes does not go away.

Ok, there actually was ONE medical case of Type 1 remission in a Type 1 (a 16 year old girl) who also had Celiac Disease. She was just beginning to develop it and when the gluten free diet was started, her autoantibodies disappeared. I have no idea if she is still diabetes free. This would be a 1 in 1 BILLION chance.
depends if you over weight .if your over weight lose weight and you can get off your meds

my dad has diabetes but since he start to lose weight he can take meds and the doc said when he get to right weight he will no longer need his meds
no, there is no cure as you would think of it for other diseases.

First, there are 2 types of diabetes. in type 1, the beta cells of your pancreas stop producing insulin which leads to insulin dependent DM and requires insulin injections or now insulin pills. this is most common in children, but is being seen sometimes in adults

I'm assuming you have type 2 diabetes which means that your cells are becoming insulin resistant or that your insulin is no longer effective. The best way to keep this in check as much as you likely don't want to hear it is EXERCISE. it's amazing the effects that exercise has on the body in all areas but it will definitely help you control your blood sugar. Also, carefully select what you eat. perhaps a pear instead of that snickers bar next time? there are a wide array of medications that your doctor may choose to place you on and they may try several different combinations before they find a satisfactory regiment. so the short answer is it can't be cured, but it can be controlled so that you live a perfectly normal life
If you have Type 1 diabetes, no you can't get rid of it- your body has stopped producing insulin for whatever reason and you have to have insulin shots. With type 2 diabetes your body is still producing insulin, just not enough for your weight. Alot of type 2 diabetics can lose weight and they will no longer be diabetic.
One out of a hundred patients with Type 1 diabetes goes into a permanent remission and thus gets rid of the disease for the rest of life. Similar situation can happen for Type 2 diabetics if their diabetes is related to 'Metabolic syndrome' and if they are willing to change their lifestyle basically by reducing weight and some Yoga exercises.
You can never get rid of it if you have been diagnosed as a Type 1. Some people with Type 2 can start eating healthy exercising and try some non stress tactics and they may not have to take the pulls but they must keep their blood sugars under strict control! And NO you never get rid of it you can only follow the diet and exercise plan you will have it for life unless they have found some sort of miracle cure out there I don't know of. And I've tried them all. I've had Type 1 for 33 years and my daughter has and it for 7. We're still looking!
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