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Where can I legally sell some diabetes supplies (insulin and syringes)- I'm going on a pump.?

I live on Long Island and would like to sell some supplies so I can buy other diabetic supplies.. (or trade for)

You may want to keep some of those supplies because when you are on a pump there are still certain circumstances where you may need them. If you are sick and have ketones or your pump is not working properly it is recommended that you take insulin by injection. If you have Humalog, that will be used with your pump and long lasting insulin like Lantus is good to have on hand in case your pump ever malfunctions.

Also, as those supplies are all available only by prescription I'm not sure that you would be able to sell them.

Good luck with your pump.
My 16 year old son has one and loves it.Like the other person suggested, I would keep some of it because you will need a way to take a shot if the pump screws up. I don't think you can sell syringes legally, but if you have extra glucometers you should donate them!
Just to avoid any problems or complications, I would check with your doctor. This way, he / she can probably hook you up with another diabetic patient. By doing this, you are ensuring that you are not selling needles, etc. to someone who may be using the products for other purposes (drug abuse, etc.).
I know the supplies are costly, but if they are of no use to you any longer, donation to a clinic would be another option. Just do your homework before selling or donating any medical supplies.

And, your previous advice is correct. Keep some of the supplies around for "just in case". Your pump is a great alternative and it should work great for you, but you never know. Things can happen.

Good luck and best wishes....
I am a Diabetes Health Educator and a Type 2 diabetic.
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