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Is +1 glucose level in my urine means I have diabetes???

Is +1 glucose level in my urine means I have diabetes???

Absolutely not. Testing for glucose in the urine is an old habit and something that I wish that we no longer tested before. Prior to the existence of glucometers which have been around since 1978 testing for glucose in the urine although it was very inaccurate was all that we had other than testing the blood. It was not known at that time how inaccurate glucose in the urine was. The practice of testing for glucose in the urine of diabetics ceased by the mid 1980s. You may have 4+ glucose in the urine and a blood glucose of 100. You may have no glucose in the urine and a blood glucose of 500. 1+ glucose in the urine by itself has no meaning whatsoever. When the dipstick urine testing was being developed we kept adding tests as technology made them available. Although many are no longer considered useful they are still on the dipstick due to the American notion that more is always better. This is unfortunate as it creates confusion as in your case.
They would have to equal that on multiple tests not just one.
I don't know. I have diabetes and I use blood prick monitoring tests. I thought they were not using urine tests anymore.

Ask the doctor who gave you the test. If you are pregnant it could be gestational diabetes which will end when you deliver the child
holy crap, you should go to the hospital right now. you may be infected with what as known as plus one glucourinopathy. it is a severely serious condition that may cause your urine to be laced with sugar. the crystals will burn going through your urethra and no woman will ever want you to pee on her.
Usually they do a fasting blood test of the blood/glucose level and compare it with the blood sugar level of a special meal. There is also a hemoglobin test that determines what your sugar levels were over the past month. These are much better tests than urine tests. Better get it checked out. Diabetes can be a real killer if uncontrolled.

"Sometimes random urine samples are 鈥渄ipsticked鈥?for glucose, protein, and ketones during a physical. If glucose and/or protein or ketones are present on the dipped indicator strip, the patient has a problem that needs to be addressed. This is a screening tool, but it is not sensitive enough for monitoring." 1

Urine testing for sugar is not an accurate way to measure how much sugar is in your blood; therefore, most doctors no longer recommend it for people with diabetes. A sample of urine often is stored in your bladder for several hours before you test it. Also, because sugar does not show up in urine until it is much higher than normal in the bloodstream (180 mg/dL), urine cannot be used to check for slightly high or low blood sugar levels. 2

Based on this information cited, the result by itself would not indicate that you have diabetes. But, you should get more testing done.

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Nearly so. A glucose tolerance test confirms the diagnosis.
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