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I have a very dry eye I took a ginger root capsule and my eye dries out so bad I could hardly see?

what would cause this

Keep trying all of the Over the Counter/Self Help Products you can find and you won't have to worry about dry eyes anymore for awhile atleast because if you keep messing around with this dry eye problem long enough you will have damaged corneas that the pain from them will hurt so bad you'll forget about the dry eyes.
Dry eyes that when closed allows the lid to literally stick to the cornea and when you try to open your eyes you will literally rip off a layer of epithelium cells and you're going to be in some major trouble that doesn't heal very quick.
Get to an Ophthalmologist NOW! ! ! ! ! Dont take your eye's health for granted or you may not have eye health to worry about. Source(s): 7+yrs experience with Ophthalmologists/Optometrists as Office Assistant/OR Scrub
What could cause this is that what you think is ginger root capsule, could likely be anything else. These products are not regulated for content, source, authenticity or strength. Stay away from that stuff. Homeopathic products are NOT regulated by the FDA.
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Do you mean to say that you have dry eyes? Dry eye syndrome is a common disorder that is often overlooked. I don't know if ginger root capsules are of any therapeutic value, but you should check with your eye doctor and ask about Restasis. Restasis is topical cyclosporine, and it acts by promoting more of your natural tear production. It is only available with a prescription.
Ginger root has no known direct effects on the eye, especially one capsule! Not sure why Ginger was indicated for a 'dry eye' complaint anyway, unless you were just trying anything? If you are on medication of any kind, large doses of Ginger can increase circulation, thus increasing the potency of some medications. Ginger is one of the most widely available and used natural remedy (it's not considered a homeopathic remedy) on the planet. Billions of people use Ginger as food and herbal medicine. As with any concentrated food source, educate yourself or seek out a Natural Health Practitioner, instead of administering things blindly for optimal results.
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