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Why are my eyes so dry at night?

Hi, I wanted to ask why it seems like my eyes at night seem to be drier than the rest of the day. What should I do so they dont feel so babd and I can sleep comfortably. Right now they just feel like they burn.


Do you spend a lot of time on the computer in the evening? People don't blink as often when they're working on the PC, which can lead to dry eye symptoms.

Or it could be that your eyes are dry all day, but you don't notice it because you're concentrating on something else (work, kids, school, whatever). It would be worth you taking some time during the day to think about it and see if you notice your eyes being dry.

For several years I had itchy dry eyes that were worst in the evenings. I finally went to an optometrist about it and it took around 6 months to fix. I had suffered serious corneal deterioration and they weren't sure if I'd need surgery or not to fix the problem. Turns out the major cause was that I sleep with my eyes open (creepy, hmm? hehe), but my eyes also don't produce enough tears.

Now I use artificial tears daily and have to sleep with some "moisture goggles." I've included a link to the goggles in my source. They keep the eyes from drying out at night which makes the day far more tolerable.

If your eyes are feeling like they burn you should go to the optometrist. There's a simple test they can do to see if your eyes are producing enough tears. If not, they'll suggest artificial tears. Just be sure you don't use any with preservatives in them if you'll use them daily. The preservatives can cause problems overtime. Also, check out the goggles. They may look ridiculous, but trust me, you wont care about that when you wake up and your eyes don't sting. Source(s): http://www.eyeeco.com/products/descripti...
'cuz u live in a rainy area!
buy eye drops. i know how you feel, i have the same problem, and wearing contacts does not help one bit.

i have been to the emergency room way too many times because i would sometimes sleep with my contacts on and have mad eye infections the next morning. even the night and day contacts dont work on my eyes anymore. my eyes have suddenly become way too dry.

really though, eye drops wont help. i think it's mostly genetics; our eyes only produce so much moisture from our tear glands, thus restricting water flow to them which makes them dry and red.
check with the hospital
I was going to say what Simon C said about sleeping with his eyes open and not producing enough tears because I have that problem too. My eyes get so dry sometimes that they burn and feel like sandpaper until I put I drops in.
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