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Eating disorders?

Is it possible to be aware of slipping into an eating disorder? I've known friends with eating disorders and they've all claimed that they didn't realise they had a problem or were convinced they were to fat/thin etc.

But is it possible to conciously realise your'restarting to have a problem but are unable to stop yourself?

Yes it possible. If you are unable to stop yourself then you need to get someone to help you.
With all the attention from the media it's impossible not to notice nowadays. Most people with eating disorders realise there's something wrong with them, but can't or don't want to do anything about it.
eating disorders are an illness od addiction,and can be treated.
if you want help you can visit the overeaters anonymous meeting in the church basement on tuesday afternoons at 1.00 p.m.
it does not cost anything.
also you can phone the overeaters anonymous helpline.
something can be done for you to beat the problem but you need a desire to help yourself.
Yes, I think so, it happened to me 2 years ago.
I am 5'5'' and I had currently gained a lot of weight after my first year of college so I was then 150 pounds.. then I suddenly realized that my weight caught up with me and realized I was fat. So I started trying to loose weight, with a simple diet of eating less and I became very strict in my dieting. The only beverage I consumed in a year was water and I only ate healthy foods and very little of them... I lost 50 ibs in a year... so I was now 100 ibs and I was underweight. I realized that my dieting must have turned into an eating disorder. I looked in the mirror and I realized "I still can't get rid of that belly" I looked like a skelitor with a little bit of a belly. So I lost 5 more pounds.... now 95 ibs... and finally realized that no matter how low I go I'm still going to have this belly and I realized I had an eating disorder and had to just accept my body the way It is. I brought my body up to 110 ibs and that is where I am staying... my goal is not to go under or over. I may still have an eating disorder, I'm not sure. but I dont think so. So yes, you can realize you have an eating disorder... thats how I stopped it before I got too thin that I would need hospitalization.
I had an eating disorder
yes it is possible to be aware of the problem but not be able to stop it.if this is the case you should seek some kind of professional help
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