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Does she have an eating disorder?

my girlfriend is 12 years old, 5ft, and 90lbs. shes turning 13 tomorrow. i know for a fact she never eats breakfast or lunch. im not sure if she eats dinner or not. but she hasnt always been like this. its been going on for about a month now and she cries daily. i know somethings wrong with her but i dont know how to help. shes been very emotional lately and has missed alot of school. a month ago she was 110lbs. its not like her to stop eating all of the sudden and lose 20lbs in one month. shes obsessed with exercising and i think she overworks herself. she does acting, cheerleading, dance, baton, and gymastics. she does atlest 3 of those everyday and afterwards comes to my house crying her heart out. she just tells me nothings wrong but i can tell shes lying. i dont know what to do. plz help me i dont want her to hurt herself.

It sounds a lot like anorexia nervosa, you need to get her to a hospital immediately because she can suffer irreversible damage from malnutrition.
YES!! but do not tell her you know, tell her parents or a relative, that she needs help. I had a friend that had an eating disorder. Over the summer of one school year, she never ate any fat or carbs, just chicken and salads. Then, she never told me she went to a center when they treated anorexia... Tell someone she knows to tell her that she needs to get some help, and fast, unless you want her to slip away. Good luck to you and her. I hope she gets better.
Not eating disorder..hm sounds like shes depressed...well with everything she is doing,and she probably is stressed..talk to her..yea mabye that helps
Health class...text book there is a list of symptoms
Wow! It sounds like your girlfriend is depressed. The crying is defiantly a sign of depression. You really need to get her to talk to you or if she won't talk to you, tell her parents. She needs some major help. It sounds like she may have self-image issues. She doesn't like the way she looks. That's why she maybe eating so much less and working harder the get the extra weight that SHE sees off. She defiantly needs to talk to someone! Starving yourself at that age is very dangerous. It can lead to severe health problems and stunted growth.
Have a friend who battled anorexia.
as someone who had this anorexia - yes she has it. she is literally killing herself. tell her parents. she needs immediate therapy. from one who has counseling - normally those who are very talented and a lot is expected of them are those who are highly likely to have eating disorders. she is SO young to be having this problem. it is a little odd that she is even 'dating' so young. if this continues she could have health issues her entire life - including infertility. as far as the crying goes - she may not know why she is crying - I didn't. the eating disorder is most likely connected to this depression or another disorder such as bipolar disorder - as it was with me.
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