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Have I got a eating disorder?

I have recently lost alot of weight, as I find myself missing meals and going days without eating. I wanna stay slim but I don't wanna fall ill??? Is this a eating disorder??

If you are going days without eating it sounds like you have or are developing anorexia. This is a serious condition.It is very important to eat healthy...the problem with starving yourself is apart from the health implications once you start eating again you will quickly gain it because your body is starving, you're metabolism is slow to try and keep all the energy it can.

Best thing is to eat a well balanced low calorie diet and exercise...Anorexia leads to all sorts of mental and health issues.
No, your just being forgetful.
You have to start eating meals.
sounds a lot like bulimia (becaus eyou eat sometimes and soemtimes you don't).
Ask your family and friends to remind you eat @ meal times. Even if you jsut have an apple or a sandwich.
Your body can only go so long without food, and the nutrients that go along with it.
Exercise is a better option to not eating.
30 minutes each day (or an hour 3 times a week) is a good way to watch you weight while you also eat a normal diet (you should eat red meat 3 times a week, have a serve of fruit everyday, 3 serves of vegies every day, a glass of milk everyday and eat fish or chicken 2 or more times a week, etc.)
If you are just being forgetful, that's really strange because most people will get stomach pains from hunger if they go too long without food.
I would go see you GP for some help and advice.
There's no shame in asking for help it's the only way you will get better if you do really have a problem.
If you have mood changes like depression or excitement it usually affects your eating habits. If you have lost a lot of weight for a short period of time you may have an eating disorder.
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