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Do I have an eating disorder?

It seems like anymore all I think about is food food food and not like fruits and vegs. they do nothing for me... but fatty foods like fried, sweet foods (bad foods) and even when im not hungry sometimes i'll eat like right now im eatting lol but i had ahuge dinner. im not fat or anything but if i keep going at this route i will. i don't know what is wrong with me, but anyways is it an eating disorder?

It maybe, compulsive eating disorder (coe), or if you purge after eating it may be bulimia, it sounds like coe though by the way you described it, but on the other hand it may just be because your going through changes in your life or something out of the ordinary happened to make you eat more often, talk to a doctor about what your feeling and thinking and get his/her opinion on it.
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