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Will endometriosis cause you to have an abnormal pap also besides stds what would cause you to have an?

abnormal pap?

Endometriosis does not cause abnormal pap smears, no. Reasons for abnormal paps are many; most prevalently cervical inflammation, which can be caused by an infection of the cervix, including a yeast infection, infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) or herpes, or any other infection; very early signs of cancer, called dysplasia; more advanced cancer, which affects the top layers of the cervix but doesn't go beyond the cervix itself - also called carcinoma in situ; and advanced cancer. Sometimes, a repeat pap will come back normal and the first results will be an anomaly; other times, more advanced diagnostics like a colposcopy are needed to determine exactly the cause (and subsequent treatment) of the abnormal cells/results. Endometriosis of the cervix *may* show up during a pap, but it is highly unlikely. It does not cause abnormal paps and cannot be diagnosed or treated through such means. Good luck and best wishes.
anything abnormal
Almost always it is HPV (human papalomia virus) which is a virus that causes genital warts. There are a few infections that could cause a bad pap, but if you get more than one (the followup to a bad one) the 2nd should be good if the infection was the culprit. Be careful the HPV can cause cervical cancer.
i have a friend who had an abnormal pap about a month ago and she has pre-cancer caused by the HPV virus. not to scare you, but if you've had an abnormal pap, you really need to get it checked on.
Usually abnormal pap smears are caused by pre-cancerous cells.
However, if you have sex within a day of your exam, the sperm can also cause abnormal cells to show up. Also, there can be false tests. I had one come back abnormal but when I was retested it was fine.. and 7 years later, I have not had another abnormal result.
I have never heard of endodemetriosis causing an abnormal
Talk to your Dr. about a retest and then further exam if yours came back abnormal.
I have seen that you have asked a few questions about STD's are you just cruious or do you have a problem..........or are you just trying to see what ppl will say...........if you have a problem girl best to see a doctor.....no one on here can slove your problem and I would hate for you to get the wrong advice....if you think you have something........get checked, better to do it now than wait and regret it later.
and yes I know endometrious is not an STD.
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