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Marijuana for the pain of endometriosis ?

Has anyone tryed it
if so how was it for you.
As im thinking of trying it to help with pain!

Actually i have never herd of endometriosis, however marijuana would most likely help with the pain. I know of people who smoked marijuana for cancer and it helped a great deal. It made the pain go away and relaxed you. I personnaly think that marijuana should be legalized because many people who don't have enough health insurence to go to the doctor but still have desieses like this, and should be able to smoke it to feel better.
I was not aware endometriosis was painful.

Sorry it is painful for you. My wife has it and it does not cause her pain physically. She just had surgery to reduce it so we might have children.
Marijuana is a temporary painreliver....my husband used it because he has rheumatoid arthritis, it temporarily surpresses the pain and the buzz tends to make you forget about it for a while......so yeah it works
girl don't get caught up in that drug, i don't trust it. beaware of changes within yourself.
no weed does not help with the pain , I have endometriosis.
vicodin does but is very addictive. make an appt . with your gyn doctor , you may need surgery hun... i hope you feel better !
I'm sure it would help but it would only be temporary. Surgeries are only temporary too, unless you have a full hysto and even that doesn't guarantee you will stay pain free. Have you tried hormone therapy? Before you resort to illegal drugs (not sure if medical marijuana is legal in your state), I would try all the legal ones first :)
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