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Can Epilepsy go away and then come back?

I had Epilepsy as a child but I've been having some things happen not seizures well at lest I don't think they they are not the same as I remmber but it was a while ago. So long story short I think it's coming back. Chould it be coming back?

yes if you had seizure disorder as a child even if it has been years since your last seizure it could flare up later in life. multiple things could be trigger for new seizure activity, new medications for other disorders, low levels of seizure medications such as dilantin tegretol (i get the feeling though you have been off medicine for sometime or perhaps never were on antileptiform medication),infections, stresses, hormone changes, electrolyte changes. to be safe you should see your doctor immediately and refrain from driving or working elevated areas or any any activity that could resuly in harm if you should suffer any epileptiform activity.
people who had epilepsy as a child have a greater chance of it coming back when on a computer a long time or watching TV and movies a lot=I think this is why a lot of us get headaches too
There is not cure for epilepsy. However, there is an anxiety disorder that mimicks it and that is due to stress. See your doctor and ask if you have this type of disorder
My nice was born with Sturge Weber and began having zeizures i think! its the same thing as epilepsy or convulsions they went away with away with meds, but then came back and are gone again, thankfully she has not have one and about two yeras but there is always the risk of them coming back. have you tried your doctor? i think is your best choice. good luck!
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