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Can Epilepsy Be Cured?

The fits only comes on when sleeping,too cold or too exhausted.

I am going to go against what the others said and will tell you " Yes,it can be cured." I had it since I was 22 and tried lots of medications until nothing helped, then I gave myself up and asked if I could have the operation. I had it done 9 yrs ago next month and "knock-on-wood" been seizure free since. Like some others said, when younger children have it,they outgrow it but when you get it at an older age like I did, you are'nt as fortunate. I don't know what people will think of what I have to say, but i'm living proof it can be cured.

Unfortunately, no. I wish there was a cure. I don't feel that there is enough research done on epilepsy. There are some really good anti-convulsants out there though. Take your meds as prescribed, try to get plenty of sleep, and try to stay nice and warm.

i don't think so

Epilepsy can't be cured, it can only be treated. You should check in with a neurologist, if you haven't already. Sometimes, other conditions produce seizures which aren't epileptic in nature, and resolve once the underlying condition is treated.

If it truly is epilepsy, it's great that you have identified your triggers, you can better try to avoid them, even though sleeping might be unavoidable, you know when to expect them.

I have epilepsy as well, only coming on at night, while i am asleep.
As central nervous system disorder it cannot be 'cured', but it has been known to disappear as quickly as it came on.

It can be controlled with medication, and giving your body 'shocks' like becoming very cold or very hot suddenly can set them off.

Speak to your doctor as i havent had a fit in a year, since ive been taking the tablets.

Like most people already said, epilepsy can't be "cured" like a disease or virus. Often with people who develop epilepsy in there early teens just seem to "grow out of it." (That's what a neurologist said would happen to me . . . nine years ago. I don't go to him anymore). This happens to other people sometimes too. That really isn't a cure though, just luck. There are cases where there is a different condition causing seizures, and that might be treatable. For example if they find you have a brain tumor, there is a good chance removing the tumor will stop the seizures.

There are several different kinds of surgery that can help reduce or sometimes even eliminate seizures, but not many people are candidates and there is always a risk. Surgery is usually a last resort and performed on people who have seizures that aren't responding to other treatment, are very bad, and very frequent. For most people you just keep taking medication, and hope it goes away.

I have a motto in life: It could be worse, you could be on fire.

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